Welcome to the Bass Corner

Posted on July 23, 2010


Ok, so I’m sitting here thinking about how I can approach my new column. Where will I start? Which direction should I take that can give me the easiest road to stretch out on? What do people want?………Then I realized, the only thing I have the ability to give is myself and my experiences up until this point, musically, and as a fellow being. I need to start by just saying that I love this instrument, the electric bass, she’s a beautiful conveyor of my thoughts. She’s the one I’m always dancing with at the party, you are too right? It’s always that groove being set up between the bass and drum that gets us moving , whether it’s shaking our booties or banging our heads. I do both by the way, I shake my booty and bang my head, it’s all the same 12 notes, right?

I love everything from hardcore to funk to folk and jazz, I would never confine myself to one flavor of ice cream either.

This Bass Corner is going to be for us bassists to meet and communicate. I will be focusing on my favorite area of Bass interest which is Bass line composition but I also want this corner to be for everyone. Ask me questions, trade ideas, talk about BASS. Tell me your favorite line or scale, maybe I’ve never heard it. Which song gets you out of bed in the morning? Who’s your favorite player? What gear do you like? What gear do you want? Ok, here’s a thought, what’s your favorite note/scale? Mine is G minor, it calms me down every time I play it. How amazing is that, I didn’t have to consume one thing to get that affect.

Music has always been such a big motivator in my life. The bass has been my best friend for many years now, (although we have had our differences at times) Why does it motivate you?

No where else could I find a substance that has the ability to bind people together so easily the way that music can. What a gift!

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