Posted on July 25, 2010


Branding is a technique used by product designers to express a familiarity with a specific product. It aids in consumers knowing on sight the level of quality and consistence that they will receive from the product.

This is also a common tool used by bands and artists. Consider logos of bands. You know Metallica when you see the lightning shaped letter M.

Undeniably representing the hard crunching metal the band has been putting out for years. You don’t question it – on the sight of that letter M you know its Metallica. Poison used that bright green lettering, even the bright color green leads people to say – that’s Poison green. Not neon green – POISON green. You know what you are getting with that one.

Branding your material can be a symbol, lettering or colors. A particular typeface is representative of everything from Wheaties to Ragu spaghetti sauce. It’s clearly unavoidable in the market place and it is across all genres, from food to clothing, music to the brand of toilet paper you use. An image reads just as loud as words, sometimes louder on sight. When you are driving down the street and you see a large red target, you know – it’s a TARGET store. No questions asked. Bright orange is Home Depot’s color, you know it on sight.

Back when I supported the career of the former band OK Panic, we used a large target with the band’s logo. From the day we first implemented it, people recognized the promotional material around Boston before reading about the show or reading the bands name. Bright yellow, a target, on a postcard meant OK Panic was promoting another show. Look at the images below, you will understand.

It’s easy to include flames, daggers, ordinary and easy to find items off the net to put into your promotional material, but branding is what makes you unique. Take the time to design something that speaks of your music, that when people see your product they know exactly what they are getting. It will clear away those who aren’t interested, that is true; but it will bring around the people who you want to attract on sight. You can be sure that a die hard Abba fan isn’t mistakenly picking up a Slayer CD. Branding is something to seriously consider when you create your packaging and promotional design.

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