The Unsung Hero – Keeping Priorities In Order

Posted on August 19, 2010


Okay rockers of old, let me ask you a question. Who was the bass player for Quiet Riot?

Your first answer was Rudy Sarzo, right? “He played for Whitesnake too, I saw him in that video …. “. Stop patting yourself on the back, you were partially right.  Ever heard of Chuck Wright?

You can trace the history of any band and find that there were a number of rotating players, but Chuck Wright, in particular, is an unsung hero. He’s what you can refer to as a necessary part of the machine that is sometimes under the hood, or behind the manifold. You don’t see him right out front like the emblem on a car, but he’s an integral part of what makes the engine run. Like a spark plug or an alternator, you might replace it, but you won’t run without it.

Chuck Wright is one of many musicians who you see in an occasional video, or in a magazine picture with the familiar front man of the band and you look at the caption below to see who he is and dismiss it after reading the article. As this “for-instance” goes, I want you to review some of the illustrious career participations that Chuck has had.

He’s a founding member of Guiffria with sold out arena tours sharing the stage with Deep Purple in the mid 80’s. Recorded and toured on 5 hit-charting Quiet Riot albums. Founding member of House of Lords. Appeared with artists including: Ted Nugent, Gregg Allman, Impellitteri, Doro Pesch, Cheap Trick, Sam Kinison (yes, the comedian), Jeff Scott Soto, Mr. Big, Michael Shenker, Stephen Pearcy, Jani Lane, Love/Hate, Paul Shortino, Ken Tamplin, Matt Sorum, and has been directly involved in developing seven major film scores. All of this still doesn’t cover half of his career moments!

He’s appeared as the bass player on more than 80 internationally released albums on major record labels, has toured 7 continents, hundreds of countries and rocked well more than 100 millions faces in his career thus far. Still, you said Rudy Sarzo was the bass player for Quiet Riot. Chuck Wright is an unsung hero.

Do you know an unsung hero? Some of the unsung heroes I know have a nice house on a hill in Hollywood; don’t work full time jobs because they have royalties for the rest of their careers, drive nice cars, have happy and attractive families and gold records on the wall. They don’t get hassled by TMZ when they walk down the street and when they meet a fan that knows them; they know it’s sincere because the fan truly knows them.

Maybe your unsung hero is local. You’ve seen him at a dozen nightclubs over the past three years with half a dozen bands and you recognize his face but still have to ask someone in the room what his name is. Even that person doesn’t know, but they can tell you – “He Rocks!”

That’s the guy you want to know. Give him a nod in public or shake his hand at Starbucks. Emulate his model and add a little of the unsung hero to your workmanship. Maybe you don’t need to be the face in the picture, but be the driving force that makes that engine run! If your priorities are to see a job well done but no one knows your name, you might be on the right track. In the future, you might have a nice place in a hip town, drive a nice convertible and have a wealth of stories to write about. I do.

Think about your career in music. Everybody wants the limelight, but it’s fleeting. If you keep your priorities straight, the music you create will be listened to over and over and you will live a rich and fulfilled life. Opportunities will pop up for you to be part of, with pride and excitement for the rest of your days.

Check your priorities then get out there and work your magic. MTV might not be kicking down your door, but that won’t matter; they’re come and go material. If you’ve got your priorities straight, you’re going to last forever.

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