Postcards – The Invaluable Resource

Posted on August 29, 2010


In Hollywood on the Sunset Strip when you go into any club, for instance – The Key Club, you can’t move five feet in any direction without putting your drink down onto someone’s postcard.

These pesky little buggers boast album sales, upcoming shows, radio-play and just about every conceivable musician’s promotion.  Is it worth it?

Back in the 80’s we used to do something called Flyer Distribution, remember that? Punk bands still do it because of the nature of the punk industry’s DIY methods. It’s noble. It’s also passé. Besides, where that was important back in the day was where hundreds of music goers were walking along the street and noticed a barrage of flyers. Outside of Sunset, that doesn’t happen too much – but in the club … there’s the action.

(Want to see some old 80’s flyers from the Sunset Strip: Click Here)

There’s also the Guitar Center posting board, the pin board at the rehearsal studio, the local CD shop and the mass of media blasts in the foyer at the grocery store. Yeah, music fans eat food too! There’s a boatload of places to leave them, most importantly is in the hand of someone you meet face to face.

In Studio City, CA there is a band called Tommy Peacock and the Gas. Tommy worked at Starbucks and I used to talk to him every day while getting my half-double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon. (I actually drink my coffee black if you want to meet up at Starbucks). Every day he would come over and say hello and hand me a small homemade printed 3×5 paper with the date of their next show, website and CD purchase info. Brilliant, as every time he gave it to me, someone near me also read it as we passed it around. He got us to notice, and he got a group of people who would attend shows. It’s called Guerilla Marketing and it works. I’ll write an article about that later.

So, you’ve got some computer skills, you can “Photoshop” together a nice picture of the band and you are ready to promote, so where do you print them? This entire long –assed blabber is to give you a web-page link, believe it or not.

Here’s your best bet to get the job done right. Go to the website and click on “templates” and get the 4×6 postcard template. Open this bad boy up in Photoshop and mark the cut and bleed lines with guidelines and get rid of the layer they included on the template. Make your image 350 DPI when you create it and flatten it into the template, being sure that the guides don’t cut off pertinent information. Save it with the names front and back and upload them to the Got Print website. In 24 hours or less you approve the graphics by email and in three days they mail you the finished product.

Easy enough? Sure it is, go slowly. You want to know if I work for the company…. No. I did, but they parted ways with me some years back.

“Why Joe” you ask, “would you promote them?” Well, because regardless of their lousy approach to employee management, they do offer the best product in the US and at the best possible prices. 14 pt. card-stock, UV coated on both sides, short order runs of 500 cards and three-day turn-around times. Trust me, you won’t go wrong.

Now, take your cards with you this weekend when you go out clubbing. Hand them to strangers, strike up conversations and tell the world about the band. Go around the club and drop one politely on each table. No one is going to harass you for it, it’s marketing, it happens. See, I’ve read a thousand of these postcards at clubs, but I haven’t seen yours yet. With a little ingenuity, I might hear you on the radio before I even see your postcard. Give it a shot, people will respond.

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