Promises Promises

Posted on August 30, 2010


While considering your PR options; options you will most likely pay for, you need to understand that no one can guarantee you CD sales!

It doesn’t matter if it’s TAXI or a Major PR firm. You can be offered a guarantee that your name will be offered up to mass exposure, but no one can guarantee that people will go to your webpage and click on a link to make a purchase. No one! If someone tells you that they can increase your MySpace hit count or audio plays, they lie for all the obvious reasons. Barking louder than the big dog draws attention. It’s a nice option to consider throwing your money at, but there is no guarantee that sales will increase.

Consider that there is no one outside of an independent store manager or a rack-jobber you know personally that can guarantee you store shelf placement. If you are performing in a specific area you will have a greater chance to get some store shelf space, but there isn’t a store in the middle of the country or in downtown L.A. that is going to feature someone who isn’t the current hot item on MTV or on every FM station after you. Rack space costs money and stores are only going to bank that space on items that will sell. It’s real estate. Business is just plain business.

Here’s what you NEED to do.

Have a website or, and I reluctantly say this,  a sure fire MySpace type of page that is easy to navigate and offers a clear and concise way that is EASY for someone to make a purchase of your tracks. People tend to click away from websites that are hard to navigate or that take too long to load. Keep it simple and make it easy! You can try I-Tunes, Snocap or use similar methods that allow users to instantly put your tracks onto their I-Pod. The college market is one of the most I-Tunes saturated markets on the planet. Give the hard partying kids an easy way to purchase your music. You might also consider setting up a paypal account as an option to take payment for full audio downloads directly from you.

Make sure that you don’t distribute low quality media! If your tracks sound good they have a better chance of leading to more sales. Feature your best work, don’t settle for anything less. Read my article on Artist Development for more on that subject.

You might also try some places online that print t-shirts and bumper stickers to order. There are a host of one-off print shops online. If someone likes your sound or your image, they might like to broadcast it on their bumper or on their t-shirt. Try offering more than just music. Websites like Jak Prints, found at offer realistic pricing for short run materials. It’s another option to get yourself going.

What you need to remember when considering your publicity is there is no substitute for effort. Nothing worth it is ever easy to get! Even winning the lottery takes getting off the couch an walking into a store with a lottery machine. Realistically, you will more likely score a hit song before winning the lottery, but when someone offers you award winning visibility for fifty-bucks; remember that you get what you pay for and minimal effort will ultimately mean minimal results.

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