Self Promotion And The Rule Of Threes

Posted on September 3, 2010


Looking to create a buzz? It’s important to remember that doing this takes time. If you need immediate attention, well, you should have considered working on promotion before the date of your release or performance.

Read through this article and consider this technique to build some interest in what you are doing. The effect is long lasting and can help to bolster your fan base and bring more meat to table for your artistic consumption.

Start with this question. When all is said and done, what is the realistic outcome you want to achieve with all of your promotional efforts?

Are you looking for better show attendance, or a stronger mailing list? Maybe you are looking to sell out of your first run of CDs. When you are sure of what it is you want, take a look at the next step.

Think about the way people will see you. How they see you will greatly affect the end result of all your promotions. Here is a great way to decide how it is you want to be seen. Create THREE messages that are completely true of yourself/band that if the world knew, it would bring your promotional campaign the success you want.

For instance:

– We are well-rehearsed and professional musicians who have learned our craft.

– The dedication to providing well-crafted material has been professionally recorded and pressed into our new available CD.

– We perform regularly throughout our local area and attendees offer a great review of our performances.

Sit and think about the three key statements you provided and remember – THEY HAVE TO BE TRUE. They can’t be bland statements that make you look like the king of the world. People don’t buy into artists self-worship. They want to see reality.

Your statements have to be provided in a form of media that any general music fan will be able to absorb. It can be visual, audible or textual – but it has to be clear and concise. A great image of the band performing before a large audience will dictate a professional performing band. A strong and well-written informational newsletter will show that a group has their act together too. Readers will see that the band takes time to deliver quality material.

So think about things you can use to present this media.

– Newsletters.

– Postcards

– CD singles

– Flyers (though not recommended)

– T-shirts and handshakes

Now, for the biggest part of the rule of threes of self-promoting. Pick three high volume venues that you know will most likely receive your media well. This might be the big clubs that music fans frequent. Maybe it’s local music or CD stores. Wherever you decide, pick the three most influential locations and do this.

Place these messages, however you designed them, into these three locations three times over the next three months.

That’s easy, right? Make three club visits monthly for three months to distribute your wares. You can do that! What you are offering by doing this is a consistent flow of recognizable information that the usual recipients will become familiar with over the course of three months. By this time, you’ve developed an outside interest in what you are doing. The result will turn out much better than you can imagine.

So after the three months is finished, then what? Well, you’ve had three months to consider where and how you will repeat the cycle – so repeat the cycle. Create new truthful statements about yourself and pick some new locations. Now you’ve got six locations and the word on you is spreading like wildfire. As the circle of locations you distribute your self-promotions to widens, you’ll find that it’s spreading outside of your control. People are talking, telling friends and the word is getting out there.

Now look at yourself. Nine months in the self-promoting game and you’re picking up fans on the website from across the country.

Congratulations kid – you’re on your way.

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