Wardrobe Pitfalls And A Few Considerations To Avoid Them

Posted on September 3, 2010


Remember that time Janet Jackson flipped the world a nipple and the entertainment industry turned on her like a moth to the flame – burned by the fire? Yeah – there are easier ways to get attention, and here are a few ideas to keep basic wardrobe issues from invading your stage time.

1. Give the clothing a bedroom test drive. Slip into the exact outfit you’ll wear on stage. You might change into those silken boxers after the show – but on stage, anything but tighty-whities are going to cause the back of your pants to slip and slide off of your hips. Dress sensibly underneath and put on the stage gear. Now – dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.  Strut and stretch and see if it holds up. Are the seams cutting off the blood flow to your legs or nether region? With one foot on the arm of the couch, does the crotch rip out of the pants? A good at-home workout will prove the strength and comfortability of your stage wear.

2. You are most likely going to sweat. Avoid reds, blues and new color shirts that can run their colors all over your sweaty flesh. Tried and true, well-washed clothing that has been through the laundry a few times will overcome this issue. Avoid the brand new stuff; it’s itchy that way anyway.

3. Clothing with recoil. If you stretch out a shirt on stage, be sure the material bounces back to its original form. Starting the show looking like Graham Bonnet and ending it looking like Keith Richards is a matter of clothing that doesn’t bounce back. Shop for clothes that hold their form.

4. If you find that the shirt you wore slides backward under the guitar strap and you’ll be pulling it back over your shoulder all night – try a different top – or wear a tank under it and leave it unbuttoned. This has consistently worked for Phil Soussan and he played with Ozzy for years – so it’s gotta be a good idea.

5. Going to wear black? Keep a lint roller handy for ten minutes before show time.

6. The real test. Put on the outfit and wear it to the mall. Are people aghast? Maybe rethink the outfit. If they walk past you like you don’t exist, take a look over your shoulder. If they’re leaning close and whispering to each other and glancing back at you – you nailed it! Wear that outfit on stage.

7. Lastly, girls this is for you. If you intend on wearing a short skirt – make sure you’re covered up underneath. There’s nothing worse than the front row seeing you “lip-sink”. If you answered that by saying, I sing my own songs – let me know where you’re playing. I’ll get a front row seat.

Best regards kids – Did I tell you that you fellas look good in red? You do, now get out there and play.

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