Guitar Pro 6 Review

Posted on September 28, 2010


I was asked what software I used to notate examples for my blog.  The answer: Guitar Pro 6.
Guitar Pro in short helps you get the music in your head on paper without lasers or a giant headache in the morning.  It is a transcription software similar to Finale, geared towards guitarists.  The program can do many of the same features and well it’s $50 compared to $600!  Their tagline is: A tablature editor, a score player and a backing band all in one.

How can you apply it to your life?

Learn to Transcribe
The MIDI playback allows you to hear everything you input.  If you are new to notation, consider this notating with training wheels.  Yes, you can imagine a cool bike horn too.  Are you struggling to sight read a passage on a tune you are learning?  Type it into Guitar Pro and hear it at any speed.

Backing Band
Guitar Pro lets you compose on not only guitar, bass and other various stringed instruments such as banjo, mandolin or ukulele, but also; keys, orchestra sounds and drums as well.  Want to work on a solo over certain changes?  Enter the changes and go.  Want to work on your timing?  Build some drum loops and export them to your MP3 player or CD.

No more reading chicken scratch!  Guitar Pro aced their penmanship class in elementary school.  You can easily print or email your files in PDF or PNG format.  Learn the fundamentals of other instruments.  No more telling the drummer “Hey play boom boom da da duh” 5 minutes messing with Guitar Pro might lead you to say something a bit more eleqaunt like “8th notes on the hi-hat” etc.

Leave the Cheese in Wisconsin
When musicians think of MIDI and backing tracks you assume, “Great every song is going to sound like The Weather Channel”  Guitar Pro features RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) which allows you to throw different effects, EQs and amp sims over your work.  I’m a firm believer nothing will ever sound like REAL instruments, but these sounds will get you in the ballpark and will not distract your progress.

Need to see it to believe it?
Guitar Pro offers you a limited time trial.  Head over to their website and download the free trial.  The trial allows you to dabble more than most demos.  The drawbacks are you cannot save your work, but you can export your work up to one page.  What happens next?  If you like it, follow the instructions to buy a password key and you will be able to pick and choose a selections of upgrades to make your experience better.

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