Capo 2.0. The Spider Capo and Voice Capo Review

Posted on September 30, 2010


This isn’t the same old boring capo your lead singer throws on their guitar to get out of learning a Bb bar chord, these are innovative, get your creative juices flowing machines!  This blog I’m going to give my player’s take on: The Spider Capo and The Voice Capo.

Safety First!
My first concern was the safety of my instrument.  Both of these capos are well padded where it counts.  The Voice Capo included additional padding with the product to make sure I slept sounder.  The Spider Capo’s street price is around $30 vs. the Voice Capo $50.

Can They Do What My Old Capo Does?
The Spider Capo: Yes, it can function exactly like a classic capo.

The Voice Capo:  Well, sort of.  The footprint of the Voice Capo needs to borrow 4 frets of your guitar.  If you are planning to capo the 4th fret or above, then yes, this can function as a standard capo, otherwise you will have to compromise the first few frets.

So What Can These Fancy Pants Capos Do That My Old One Can’t?
The Spider Capo is a standard one fret capo that allows you to pick and choose which strings you want to capo.

The Voice Capo will allow your to fret or not any note within the four fret span.  Fret a bar chord, fret an open C chord…shoot fret a G13b9 chord and solo over the top!

Will these Capos Fit On My Guitar?
The Spider Capo wins across the board here.  You can adjust the capo to width of your neck as well as the individual string spacing.  I even was able to fiddle around with the Spider and get it on my P-bass!

The Voice Capo has a narrower scope of instruments, but that is clearly marked on the back of the package with dimensions as well as a diagram.  The nut range must be between 1.65″ (42mm) and 1.8″ (46mm)  A quick run through of my guitar collection proves this will work on Les Pauls, Strats and Teles.  Most acoustics fall into this range except for classical style guitars.

My Epiphany
Well messing around with these capos I quickly learned how you can move natural harmonics.  On a 6-string the top 3 strings at the 12th fret will sound an Em (G B E) triad.  Well that’s great…but I want a MAJOR triad.  Throw on either of these capos and fret the G string at the first fret and boooom an E major triad.

Wrapping Things Up
Both of these gadgets sparked some creativity in my playing.  If you’re big into alternate tunings giving either of these capos a whirl will save you some mileage on your strings with less tuning.  The capos also acted almost like an analog loop; either capos could fret a chord and I am free to noodle around and create some melodic ideas.

For more info and video demos

*Update Be sure to check out the Voice Capo’s site for a free PDF download titled “Bridging The Gap”  Learn how to connect chords and scales

The Back Cover

The Voice Capo straps on by velcro

The Spider Capo clamps on

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