Jumping The Snark – The Snark Clip On Tuner

Posted on October 8, 2010


The latest gadget to show up at my door is the Snark Tuner. What is the Snark? It is a clip-on Chromatic Guitar/Bass Tuner with a built in tap/tempo metronome.

Manufacturer: Snark Tuners
Street Price: $20

How Low Can You Go?

I was able to down tune a B-string on a 5-string bass and accurately track all the way down to a Low A. That’s right, the Snark goes below 30hz!

How Accurate is Accurate?

I had the Snark on the headstock of my Stratocaster while taking a 1/4″ cable out into a popular new tuner pedal that claims it gets within 1 cent of tuning. Both tuners seemed to agree and I wondered, why I spent $100 extra to get the same accuracy as the Snark?

Can You Stump The Snark?

There must be some reason this thing is so cheap? It surely can’t stand outside noise while I’m tuning. Well I tested it with both random gig noise as well as tuning in front of loud stereo speakers. No problems there.

Daylight Savings.

I took my guitar outside to test the Snark’s display in that 5pm drive home sunniness that has you praying to God nothing jumps out in front of you. It wasn’t 100% easy to read, but the multi-color fluorescent display makes it do-able, where some of the other gray-screen clip-on tuners fail.

Is It Built Ford Tough?

A couple of tosses to the ground tells me, yes! Also I left the Snark on my bass after I put it in my gigbag and transported it back home all in one piece.

Will It Damage My Guitar?

In the manual it suggests not leaving the Snark on your instrument for long periods of time. It could potentially damage the finish. There is some pretty heavy duty padding around the clip to keep your guitar safe during normal use.

Final Thoughts?

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the Snark. The only flaw, the metronome feature is limited to a visual. I prefer hearing the ticking of a metronome myself. So if you are shopping strictly for a metronome, I’d look elsewhere., but as a tuner, the Snark performs exceptional! There is also a calibration feature to help those who tune with a capo or tune down. Since the Snark is chromatic, alternate tunings are no problem.

Snark In Action Tuning A P-bass

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