The Importance Of YouTube Marketing

Posted on October 11, 2010


Here’s a frightening statistic. There are more Youtube Videos watched per month in the United States than there are searches done on Google. Can you imaging that? At this present day there are about 9 Billion searches made monthly on Google, however, topping that are the more than 10 Billion videos watched per month on YouTube. This kind of leverage can work to your advantage.

One of the benefits of YouTube is that it is in your control. You can virtually do anything that you want in your own video or rotating picture presentation. It’s like the music you create – the result will be up to your individual design influence.

Some of the perks that YouTube offers is that viewers can add your work to their own YouTube channel as well as use your video to post in their external websites, blogs and emails. Your video can very easily become viral. If someone finds it interesting, they may make it available to a host of others who they think will also find it interesting. this adds you to a completely new list of potential fans and someone else is generating the marketing work for you.

Some of the elements that people tend to gravitate to when deciding what video links to share and include in their own web party are entertaining and memorable videos. People like to be entertained. Think of how many videos you have seen because they made someone laugh and were passed on to you to make you laugh too. Haven’t there been times that someone came to you and asked, “did you see that video with the …?” If you haven’t, they will surely send you a link to it. Your presentation should try to achieve the same result.

Some popular videos have included making torture tests outside of the realm of a particular element. Just how much can a guitar string take before breaking under the duress of your music, or using the old stereo speakers in the basement as an explosion from the sounds you generate. You can take a popular commercial and make it your own using your brand, product or sense of humor to derive a new plethora of experiences for the viewer that they might not have otherwise expected. Those are the things that get passed on, over and over again.

With the technology of the iPhone and other small hand held devices, you can shoot a web quality video and edit it using the standard iMovie interface on a MAC or Windows Movie Maker, most of which is included in your current software for free. You don’t need to be a film major to create a great video either – just get the point across and the DIY affect will be all the more charming when viewing the video.

Even a new, short and poorly shot video can generate 4000-5000 views on curiosity alone just from random video browsers that are looking for the latest video stream to watch. What would 4-5 thousand people seeing and hearing your band’s name mean to your marketing prospects? I’d say, that’s a big boost. Consider that people around the world are viewing these videos; it’s not just the kids down the street. You are instantly available to a worldwide market in places you may not have otherwise reached with your marketing efforts.

So grab that cell phone and hit the record button. You’re a star, and with YouTube, you have the night sky to shine in. Send me a link of your video when it’s ready!

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