Heads Up! The Answer To Neck Heavy Guitars

Posted on October 19, 2010


Web: www.headsupstrap.com
Street Price: $49.99 Direct with a 5 Year Warranty

Don’t play that SG or hollowbody live due to fierce neck dive?  Are you shorter/smaller than the average bear and fear you’ll take a bandmate out at the knees with a 5 or 6 string extended scale bass?  Joe Naylor of Reverend Guitars has the answer:  The Heads Up Guitar Strap.

What The Heck Is That?
The Heads Up is a guitar strap.  It can be used as any other guitar strap, but what makes it special is a pouch in the bottom that can hold up to 3 8oz weights to help counteract any neck dive problems.

Will This Weigh Me Down?
Yes and No.
1) Yes you are adding weight to your instrument.
2) The strap is wider than the average strap so it distributes the weight efficiently causing you to notice it less.
3) The strap comes with 3 8oz weights.  You most likely will not need more than one to even things out, but if you use two you are only adding 1 pound of weight to your guitar.

What Are The Weights Made Of?
They are made of lead.  The company says unless consumed the weight is harmless, but encourages you to wash your hands after handling the weights.

Where Can I Buy The Strap?
Currently the strap is only available on the Heads Up site: http://www.headsupstrap.com/index.html

How Long Is The Strap?
You can comfortably use the strap from 38 to 62 inches.  Meaning even if you have broad shoulders literally AND figuratively; this strap can go from armpit height down to below the knee nu-metal height!

Does It Come In Different Colors?
Currently all that’s available is black with the Heads Up logo on the bottom.

What’s The Strap Made From?
Thick polypropylene material and double-sided leather ends.  Well in English: very similar materials to the common nylon guitar straps on the market.  I told my dog to take one end as I took the other.  Makes a great tug of war item as well as proved to be a durable guitar strap.

Overall Opinion
Well this gadget is an idea I’d never have thought of.  I’ve been using this with and without the weights and must say it’s a durable, comfortable strap.  The company encourages those on the fence to give it a test drive.  If within 60 days you don’t love it and kept it in good shape they will refund your money.

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