Promoting In Your Every Day Lifestyle

Posted on October 19, 2010


You walk the walk, rock the rock and talk the talk. It’s a daily experience for the modern day musician, so here are a few ways to beef up that interpersonal conversation about you and your music and walk, rock and talk yourself into some promoting along the way.

Try wearing your own merchandise. You are going to the club on Friday Night to see that other band you are friends with, wear one of your bands t-shirts. It’s a great way to start up a conversation when someone sees the name and recognizes you as the player in the band.

My friend Troy has a company that sells MMA inspired apparel. It’s at Fight fans love his product, but those who haven’t heard of it see the all over print shirts on Troy whenever he is at an X-Treme Sporting Event. It spikes the sales over the next couple of weeks after he wears them out in public. Try it!

Have you got a business card with the band logo and info on it? Hand it off to people you talk to and tell them about the free tracks they can get off your website. You do have a couple of free downloadable tracks on your website, right? It’s a great way to attract new fans, be sure you do it! A previous article here at Guitar Video Channel talks about printing services.

How about striking up some ear time with a total stranger. Not just the one with the boobs who doesn’t want to get in the back seat of your ’87 Nissan Sentra, I mean people who you know are there as music fans! They would love to know about your endeavors. If you don’t talk to them, how will they ever know? Don’t start with the immediate pitch. Just get involved in the conversation and wait for them to inquire about you. If you aren’t the intrusive sales machine and just roll with the dialog, you’ll get your chance.

Playing a few freebies is a great way to get you out there too. Offer to open for another band just to get in front of their audience. If you play well, you’ve got new fans. If you play respectably, you’ve got a new band to play shows with. Keep a sign-up list and email those fans.

Also, be sure to have a good band signature in the closing of your emails. Include a link back to the band’s website so even people you email about other things can click on over to your site. People love to click on little blue links; you should have on in every email signature.

Are you an online surfer in your spare time during the lunch hour at work? If you don’t have blocks on the computers, surf a couple of the blogs and forums that have rockers talking about music. Get involved with some conversations on their sites, or pick up a few new Facebookers and spin off a little info about yourself in their conversations. Don’t be the “tell all” – “sell all” guy, but keep your face current. If they like what they read, they’ll get to know you and eventually take in a show or visit your website. It’s a CD sale baking in the oven.

Just an add to the idea of how you can approach people in conversation – keep a small notebook and a pen handy for when you do meet and talk to someone new. You can write your info, or theirs, and keep in touch. It’s also good to write down those crazy little ideas that you have so you don’t forget them later. Those “what ifs” when you see someone else’s marketing and realize it could be a benefit for you to try it for your band. With all the music going through your head, you won’t remember everything, so jot it down!

Fortunately, for all the things you might not remember, they make great little digital recorders for under $40 at Best Buy. It doesn’t hurt to have one for the melodies you hum while driving too.

Hit song melody recorder – 40 bucks. Hit single on the big label – 4 million bucks – listeners on the FM Giant – 40 million fans.

Articles for dreamers are easy to write! For good advice to those who work their Asses off … there’s Guitar Video Channel.


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