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Posted on October 23, 2010


This week I checked out 4 new products by Farley’s Musical Essentials.  You can check them out on the web at farleysessentials.com.  I’ll give you my thoughts on; The Guitar Tool, Guitar Wheel, Pocket Tones and Woodies Guitar Hanger.

The JP Guitar Tool
Web: jptool.com
Street Price: $20
Happens to me all the time.  You buy a pack of new strings and there’s always something missing.  Cutters, allen wrenches, that ever so important $2 acoustic bridge pin puller.  A celebration of fresh tone turns into all out warfare!  Well the Guitar Tool is your knight in shining…stainless steel.  The Swiss Army of String Changing (yeah I said that) features string clippers, pliers, a bridge pin puller, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers and allen wrenches in .5mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm.  I was able to adjust any saddle or Floyd Rose nut that came my way.  It comes in a nylon carry pouch making it safe to toss in your case or gig bag as well as the pouch has a belt loop.

Woodies Guitar Hanger
Web: farleysessentials.com
Street Price: $20
I tested out the Vert Model.  There are a few different models depending on the type of guitar you want to display.  What’s different about this than most hangers is it holds your guitar up by the strap buttons and not the headstock, like most hangers.

First things first due to a “No Hang Rule” props to my bro-in-law for setting me up with my very own fake wall!  The directions were easy to follow.  I opted to use my own anchors and drywall screws than what came with the package.  That was just me being fussy, I wanted this thing to be bullet proof!  My Strat went up without a hitch.  There was one thing which I respectfully did not care for about this product: There isn’t much versatility.  I was able to hang my Strat, but my Jazz Bass, Tele and Les Paul weren’t an option due to different body lengths.  If you plan on hanging the guitar as wall art or only have one guitar you’d like to display, my gripes shouldn’t cloud your interest.

Guitar Wheel
Web: farleysessentials.com
Street Price: $14.99

The Guitar Wheel is a master key to all those things you’d have learned if you hadn’t slept through Theory Class!  A great reminder of Key Signatures, Chords, Treble/Bass Staff, Scales and Intervals.  The rotating wheel takes you through all 12 keys.  One side is for guitarists and the other is for piano players.  The wheel is made out of a durable plastic coated paper, so I have no doubt it will handle some abuse as well as be able to shake off having a drink or two thrown in its face.  Directions are also included, but if like me you’re too cool to read them, there’s a great video to on the site that takes you through the process.

Pocket Tones
Web: farleysessentials.com
Street Price: $14.95
iPhone App: $2.99 Download from iTunes

I didn’t get a chance to check the iPhone app, but they sent me the Pocket Tone unit to try out. It’s basically a small chromatic digital pitch pipe that fits on your key ring. Features of 12 tones, a volume knob and an on/off switch so you don’t drain the batteries. This can be handy for many applications; singing, ear-training or to use to get a tuning note for an instrument. You can even let that diva in your passenger seat realize how off pitch they are. When they insult the Pocket Tone, let them check it against any quality tuner. I did, the Pocket Tone’s accuracy is great!

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