"Id rather Be With You" Bootsy Collins

Posted on October 24, 2010


Hello fellow low end friends. I got distracted this week. My intent was to continue our work with triads or maybe do a new warm-up, then I saw the video “I’d Rather be With You” by Bootsy Collins, posted on Facebook. I decided then I needed to throw my agenda out the window and transcribe some Bootsy. 

Bootsy is a funk master and most well known for his work with Parliament Funkadelic. He has also now started his own Funk University which can be found online. His groove is so nasty, sweet and tight, what great basslines!

What I have written out here is the opening groove that gets embellished throughout the verse sections.

Listen in MP3 format:
Beginning Groove

Although Bootsy has many variations on his main grooves, I tried to pick out what I thought were the most different changes as far as parts of the song are concerned. The 2 minute mark is where I found a notable change, not to mention a sweet riff.

Listen in MP3 format:
Groove @ 2 Minutes

I hope you have as much fun with Bootsy as I did. I am going to be jamming with this bassline all night!

Enjoy your BASS!!

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