A Major Scale and Transcription

Posted on October 29, 2010


Hello Everyone! It’s another Friday and that means another lesson. I had so much fun transcribing Bootsy last week. Now it is back to the grind! In previous weeks, as far as music theory and our study of scales is concerned, I covered up through the D Major key and scale. The lesson is still available if needed, just scroll through the blog postings.

This week I want to cover the A Major scale and also introduce the concept of the natural minor. This weeks lesson will be covered in 2 articles. make sure to check out both.

The D major scale had F# and C#. As we progress through each new major we will keep the sharps of the previous major and add a new one. A Major then has F#, C# and now add G#.

The complete scale will be:  A B C# D E F# G# A

Did you notice the new sharp in this scale is only a 1/2 step below the name of this scale?

Here is the scale in music notation and tablature:

Listen in MP3 format: A major scale

Here is a tune that uses the A major scale. I have most of it written in the same position as the scale. It is always nice to be able to immediately use a scale you have learned. It is the only reason to learn them, right?

Bob Marley-“Stir it Up”

Listen in MP3 format: Stir It Up-verse

Here is the chorus section to “Stir it Up”. There are basically 2 parts to this tune.

Listen in MP3 format: Stir It Up-chorus

This concludes the lesson on the A major scale. As stated above, I will have another lesson in which I cover the natural minor scale/mode.

Enjoy your BASS!

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