Strap In For A Wide Ride!

Posted on November 3, 2010


I’ve been playing guitar way too long to settle with just any old strap.  For years I’ve used the 2″ wide bargain bin nylon straps.  When the folks at Wide Rides heard about this they sent me a candle and a sympathy card…well, OK they didn’t, but they sent me some awesome straps to check out.

Upon receiving the box, (I LOVE getting new stuff to check out) I got kind of nervous to find my straps had instructions with them.  Never fear, it’s an easy one page read on how to properly adjust your strap.  Something I’ve never seen before and what makes Wide Rides unique is the dual adjustment.  The strap gives you 4″ in the front and 10″ in the back of adjustable height.  The dual adjustments are made with tough Velcro.  Say goodbye to that annoying plastic adjuster that ALWAYS ends up digging into your shoulder as well as that leather strap that well, sort is the length you want.

Do You Want Sticky or Slippery?
No your strap will not come ruined with a spilled drink or WD-40 on it.  The option is a matter of which fabric you want on the underside of the strap pad.  If you’re playing a neck heavy guitar you may opt for Sticky in case you let the guitar go it won’t go crashing to the floor.  Likewise, if you’re one of those rockstars that likes to play rhythm guitar and throw the guitar behind your back to dramatically sing a verse, slippery is the way to go.

In my tests the sticky held my Les Paul in place while the slippery as it should left my guitar free to endure gravity.  I didn’t notice a huge difference either way on a more balance guitar like a Strat.

Holy Strap Buttons, Batman!
The first thing I noticed when trying the straps on a few different guitars is how snug the hole fit over the strap buttons.  I did have to wrestle around with the guitar a bit, but I found it comforting to know that once it was on, IT WAS ON!  A tip I’ve found for this and any other strap like it, is to get one half of the strap over the button and push in a circular motion.  This doesn’t wear out the ends as much and makes things a bit easier.

That’s about it.  The straps feel great, I liked the compromise of a 2″ strap and a 3″ shoulder pad.  It distributes the weight of the instrument nicely without the strap feeling bulky.  Wide Rides offers a variety of patterns from plain to insane, so I’m certain there’s something on their site for every player.

Top: Paisley, Bottom: Black With White Thread

Shot of the underside padding and Velcro

Street Price: Any Graphic, Any Size $34.95 + S&H

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