Make Yourself More Attractive To Sponsors

Posted on November 19, 2010


You are already well aware that this music industry is truly an industry! There are so very few people doing it for the love of it alone that you can’t count any on your hand if you wanted to. In order to get someone to fund you with their efforts, products insignia or just by attaching their name to your band is really hard! You’ve got to have something to offer, and more than just offering your hard work or cool songs, you’ve got to have a list of proof that backs it up.

As you look over many of the previous articles I’ve written for the Guitar Video Channel, you’ve heard me talk about having fan lists and databases of information about who they are, ages, names, locations and what they are into beside your music. When it comes to getting sponsorship in the entertainment area, all that information I’ve told you to acquire becomes more important than ever.

First off, a potential sponsor is going to need to know what they get in return. You’ve got to be able to show them who attends your shows, buys your material and prove why being in front of that audience is going to benefit the sponsor. In order to begin this discussion with a potential sponsor, you’ve got to know the demographic of your core audience. Male or female, age range and general geographic area or residence. If I only sell pizza in California and all your fans are in Texas, I don’t see the reason to market to your audience. My banner on your tour stage doesn’t mean anything.

You’ll also have to be able to tell me how you will get MY image across to YOUR fans. Are you just going to wear a t-shirt that says Mr. Malarkey’s pepperoni Pizza? What other items do you have trademark distribution on? CD’s are a given, how about clothing? DVD’s? Are you showing videos on any television networks? What is the level of visibility, as a sponsor, that I will receive? Do the lights shine on my name as much as they shine on yours?

It’s a good idea to be able to immediately show the image you will project in front of that audience too. Jesus Christian Razor Blades for “Trimming your high and mighty beard” will not be a good fit with the Death Metal Tour, “burning down your town in 2011.“ Without an immediate match on the visual, you can count that sponsorship out.

You really need to know the ins and outs of the company you want to partner with rather than just know that they want a banner on a stage during a tour.  What exactly would a sponsor want from you? Try calling or emailing them and asking what they want for a sponsorship deal. Briefly explain who it is you are and what you can do to get the discussion open. If it makes sense, they’ll call you back.

When they do call you back, remember to be able to tell them about the benefits of sponsoring your work. Be realistic and don’t try to inflate the benefits, especially if you can’t make the dream into a reality. You’ve got to be able to follow through with your promises. Most artists fall short on the inflated promises, so keep it to the truth. We tour with these bands, perform in front of these people and our image is seen in these places. Your sponsorship will help us reach this specific demographic on a wider basis that without. We can get before these people and this is where you’ll be seen and how you’ll be represented.

Flat out honest truth will always win over and having the statistics available for perusal before you make the approach is going to ensure a smoother landing on the sponsorship deal. Do your homework and start knocking on doors. You may be surprised just how marketable you are as a band.

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