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Posted on November 20, 2010


Before I describe this product, I’ll describe myself…lazy.  The more stuff you take to the gig, the more stuff you have to setup, worry about getting wrecked/stolen and then you get to put it all away at 3am.  I try to keep my live setups as basic as possible.  One of my biggest rig quandaries is to pedalboard or not to pedalboard?

If you aren’t a 24/7 guitar forum reading, Guitar Center catalog bleeding music gear nut, a pedalboard is basically where you stash all your effects pedals; wahs, distortions, chorus, tuner etc. If you moonlight as a tap dancer, you may enjoy having 10+ pedals in a chain and take pride in that extra trip out to your trunk and back.

If aren’t that coordinated or like to keep it simple, but are sick of your pedals sliding all over the swampy, sticky stage that makes you question if you ever want to wear your shoes again; The Stageworks Mat has your back!

Turn This Into:

This! (well minus a few pedals and cables for exaggerated marketing purposes) With…

The Stageworks Mat is one of those “duh” inventions.  I’ve had a few chances to break it in and like the guy who created the pizza box table topper or whatever group of scholars were involved in designing travel sized shampoo bottles; Stageworks, I salute you.

What Is it?

It is an 18″ x 8″, 1/4″ thick, triple layer technology, non-slip pad.

Why Would I Use It?

To keep your pedals from sliding all over the place.  This could be guitar effects pedals, kick drum pedal, hi-hat pedal or sustain/volume pedals for keyboardists.

How Does It Work?

The rubbery texture immediately grips to most flooring and pedals.  It worked just as it should on tile, hardwood and carpet.  Like a smooth criminal, it left no evidence that it was ever there.  My pedals stood firm and best part; no Velcro was involved to mess up the bottom of the pedal.

Since I didn’t have a token drunk guy wanting to sing Bruce Springsteen storm my testing quarters to knock a drink over on it, I dumped some coffee on it.  The coffee didn’t sink in.  I was able to shake most of it off, wipe it down with a wet towel and let it air dry.

Sum It All Up:

I have only seen these marketed in England, but I’m sure they’ll make their way over to the states eventually.  It comfortably fits 4 Boss-sized pedals on it with cables and power hooked up, you may be able to squeeze 5.  A 2-pack of these translates to about $20.  I could also see this piece marketed to not scratch flooring up.

Web: stageworksgear.com
Street Price: $20 for a 2-pack.

Bonus shot of how a Crybaby Wah and Line 6 Pocket fit.

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