Street Performing For That Added Edge

Posted on November 20, 2010


As a solo performer, the coolest thing you can do to boost your stage presence is to get out there and play for strangers. If you’ve got any inhibitions about making it happen, street performing will make them vanish. A lot of people I know do more of this than club performances and they actually make a living on the side of it all.

First off, find out with the local authorities where, when and how you can perform publically. You want to make sure that you have A) permission to be slinging your media and performance on the street, and 2) be wary of thieves. They run rampant on the street too.

Now, with all said and done; where do you perform?

This is easy. A sidewalk, an island in the town square, on a college campus or the steps to the local library. Finding an opportune spot is as easy as walking around town and seeing where the foot traffic is. When I was located in Boston, I could count on seeing a performer almost daily around Harvard Square. They would be in a chair playing and singing, money being tossed into their open guitar case and their CD’s being sold by a friend who was manning the merch table. In Los Angeles, you can visit the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica on the weekend and see some of the top talents making a living selling dozens of CD’s an hour to people who just walk by. It’s a win-win situation. People get entertained, your bills get paid and above all – you lose the inhibitions that you might have about performing in front of an audience.

This is a fantastic concept for people who get on stage with just their guitar and millions have performed like this for decades. Hit the beach, the street where the restaurants are at lunchtime or hang out at the mall where hundreds of people may be walking by. So long as you get permissions handled forehand, this is a great way to make a few bucks, perform for some new and adoring fans and above all – to boost that self confidence! It works and you’ll see it next time you get on stage. Give it a try!

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