Ten Tips For Your Band’s Music PR

Posted on November 20, 2010


When you are going it alone, you can use all the help you can get to make your name a familiar title in the audience’s visibility. Here’s a 10-item list to get your name out there.

1. It’s always a good idea to have your press kit handy. Include an 8×10 picture of the band and a CD with clearly written contact information on it. Remember, the CD often gets separated from the case, so have the info on both!

2. Score some press from your local rags. Almost every local paper lists the current show schedules of the local music scene. Be sure you’re in it! As soon as you schedule a show, get a quick press release to the editor of your local paper. Make a list of the editors who write about the local music scene and keep them in the loop every time you make a move. You may just become a household name to the editors and they’ll look forward to updating their readers on what you do.

3. Keep your social networks up to date on what you do, but don’t get caught in the sit and watch trap. Social networks are a great way to keep fans up to date on your latest news, but playing Farmville is a sure fire way to lose track on the purposes of networking! Get your word out and move on!

4. Make sure the local shows have your CD available for airplay. Colleges surrounding your local performance area look to share information with local club goers. What’s’ better than just streaming your music on their station or web radio channel is doing an in-studio performance. Get as involved with the local stations as you can. Look into performing for the local college crowd on campus too. Those fans are going to potentially be in your performing area for the next four years and they will always be looking for something to do. Let them know that they can see you live.

5. Try offering your music to independent filmmakers. They need music for their film and it’s a great way to get your song to a new audience you haven’t been exposed to yet. Look for some indie filmmakers and let them know you have tunes they can use. License it cheap and get some exposure!

6. There are a gazillion online mags looking to review new music. Let them review you. Send them a press kit and let their hundreds and potentially thousands of readers get an eye or ear on your work. If they do write about you, copy the article for your press kit and website. Keep them up on what you do! The more info they have to keep readers at their site, the more they may like you. They need that fresh news to keep traffic, and if they can count on you for an ongoing story, they’ll surely print about you.

7. Get some of your performances on YouTube. Daily viewers are always looking for the next viral video. Make it fun and memorable and it will surely get passed around. There are more viewers on YouTube than there are daily web searches at Google. Use that power to your advantage!

8. Give a little – get a little. Is there a local charity that is trying to draw attendance? They might like having you perform, and if you do it for free – all that much better! Share yourself with their audience and bring some material to sell along the way. You might make a few bucks on the audience, but you’ll make some new fans if you do it right! Bring your magic and give it away for a charitable benefit. You’’ become the first call they make next time around too. It’s sure-fire booking down the road!

9. Book out of town! Get yourself around, even if it’s a market you don’t often frequent. Spend the gas cash and throw out a few shows for free. Not every club is going to pay for someone who doesn’t bring a head count, but a good show in their club will bring back the audience next time they announce your playing.

10. I can’t stress this enough so I’ll say it again. Send your CD to every magazine that writes about artists! A press kit is your best marketing tool for this arena, so make a lot of them and send them out as often as you can. If it ever comes come down to being in the right place at the tight time, you want to be sure you are in that place.

Kick these ideas around and get of your tuccas and make a move. A rolling stone gathers no moss, so shake off the day’s cobwebs and do something to promote yourself today.

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