Meet The Jetslide … His Boy Elroy

Posted on November 30, 2010


Today I’m going to talk about the Jetslide guitar slide.  It takes the idea of the original cumbersome bottleneck and trims it down to a new patented design that makes slide guitar easy and fun.

Cliff Clavin’s Wow Your Friends at the Bar Fact

Slide guitar emulates the sounds of the Lap Steel which originated back in 1885 by a man named Joseph Kekuku from Hawaii.  7 years old at the time, Joseph found a railroad bolt and thought it sounded cool slid against his guitar strings.  He developed his own technique using this, a pocket knife, a steel comb and later a polished steel bar.

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It!

There are three somewhat livable, but still annoying setbacks with the basic guitar slides.

1) You lose a finger.  Well, it’s not gone for good, but for the time being you miss out on that added finger that really comes in handy with playing the octave or suspended 4th in a bar chord.

2) Sweat.  Whether it’s a glass, brass or metal slide, heat builds up and you’re left with ONE sweaty finger.

3) Clank!  I attribute some of the marks on the treble side of the fretboard on my precious Fender Stratocaster to a slide.

Where The Jetslide Becomes The Duct Tape Of Slide Guitar And Fixes Everything

Let’s answer all of those last 3 minor setbacks with how the Jetslide shines.

1) The Jetslide fits on like a ring (yes you actually order the product by giving them your ring size) and has a metal, brass or glass bar probably just a hair thinner than a Bic pen that sits between your ring and pinky finger.  This allows you to use all of your fingers as well as slide.  This solves wanting to play limit-free rhythm and lead in a song.  There is a tab on the back of the bar that comfortably sits in front of your pinky.  This allows you to anchor the slide as well as move it around if it does get in the way of playing chords.

2) Since the Jetslide erases the need to cover up a finger, your fingers are all open to air circulation.  No more sweaty finger.

3) The Jetslide is much smaller and lighter than most slides leaving it less room to smack the neck.  You can almost bury it in your fingers and certainly send the bar behind your ring finger if desired.

Who Is The Jet Slide For?

The Jetslide is for almost anyone.  It comes in ring sizes up to size 15.  It works for left or right handed guitar players.  Specify if you are left-handed when ordering.

What Is My Ring Size?

Hey, I had no idea.  I’m a 25 year old man that can’t even commit to what toppings I want on my pizza! I searched Google and found a conversion chart.  Basically I cut a sheet of notebook paper, wrapped it around my finger, marked it with a Sharpie and read that 2.4 inches is roughly a 9 1/2.

The JetSlide isn’t a complete circle (I’ll try to show this in a picture.)  I was able to adjust this to make it a little bigger or smaller.  So in case you up your sodium intake and get bloated fingers haha, the Jetslide has your back.


The Jetslide comes in 3 varieties.  Stainless Steel, Brass and Brass or Steel with a Glass Sleeve on it.  Before I got to read the “be careful with the glass slide”, you guessed it I dropped it!  It did not break, thankfully, but the manual stresses how fragile the glass is and to not carry it in your pocket or drop it.  Replacement glass sleeves are available with instructions for $5 on the JetSlide website.

I cannot tell you which material is best for you, but for me I prefer brass.  Reasons: It’s more durable than glass and it is quieter than chrome or steel.  Tonally, I believe it is also warmer, but not as warm as glass.  The perk about the glass sleeve is it made the whole slide thicker so I was able to dig into the strings easier.  So now that I’ve sent you on a wild goose chase, I suggest trying different materials and finding what works for you.

The  JetSlides are on the top row on the right.  I threw in a few other slides I had around just to give you an idea of size.

Where To Buy JetSlide’s site or many online retailers
Street Price $20-$25

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