Fast Axe Guitar Cleaning Tool

Posted on December 17, 2010


It wasn’t even a month ago, my friend Tim shows up at the door with the grossest looking Fender Stratocaster I had ever seen.  It was as if someone had played it at Woodstock and stored it in a sweaty locker until he won it on Ebay and brought it over for me to help clean up.

This wasn’t just a “grab an old T-shirt and some polish” job, this was a rip apart, soak and scrub job.  This was prior to my knowledge of the Fast Axe, so I had to get out the calendar, tally up the length of our friendship and come to the conclusion, I can sacrifice my own personal toothbrush for this gig.  BTW: Flipping ahead, later that day Tim did purchase me a brand new toothbrush.

Not long after that I stumbled about the Fast Axe.  What is the Fast Axe?  It is a multi-purpose cleaning tool to get into those hard to reach places on anything from a guitars, other stringed-instruments, gaming consoles, TV/computer monitors and it even can help remove scratches from CDs and DVD (get that classic Rebecca St. James CD rocking again boys!)

To put it to the test, I dug out my Epiphone Mandolin.  Please don’t call the instrument abuse hotline. I never really bonded with the mando so it sort of sat in the closest for a few years and as you can see, it got a little dusty.  With a T-shirt, some polish and the Fast Axe, I was able to attack this in no time.  Here’s a few photos.

Product Placement: Here’s the Fast Axe: 3 different brushes.

No Joke: This Mando is Dusty!

Let’s Get Started.  The Bottom Brush is long and helpful in getting under the strings without removing them.

The thin top brushes helped me clean around the bridge.

Finished Product.  The Fast Axe definitely made things quicker and easier.

Street Price: $5

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