KickDisk Product Review

Posted on December 17, 2010


So the rest of your bandmates have named your pedalboard The Millennium Falcon and your looks fall somewhere between Hans Solo and Chewbacca, so if the shoe fits?  But you run into that one problem; mid song you have a solo coming up and want a bit more juice to cut through.  Maybe you are using a delay pedal to thicken up your sound and you just need a hair more delay time. 

You could, bend down and run the risk of looking very unrock ‘n roll, similar to a frazzled mother scrambling to pick up the contents of a spilled pocketbook or you can deal with a performance that no one else but yourself will be let down by.

Until the KickDisk shows up!  The KickDisk feels your pain and took it upon themselves to design a knob that will replace the knob you’d like to adjust with a larger disc that stands taller than your current knobs to let you freely adjust the desired knob with your foot.

I’ll run through the process with some pictures to give you a better idea of what’s going on here.

1) Here we have the DOD YJM308 Preamp Overdrive pedal and the KickDisk package.  The DOD is a great, budget-friendly boost. 

2) I removed the Level Knob on the right using 2 teaspoons.  I like to get 2 spoons under a knob instead of a screwdriver because the spoons will distribute the weight evenly and not leave any unwanted tool marks.

3) I set the purple KickDisk base over the pot where my knob used to be.  The material off the base is somewhat pliable so I imagine it will fit on most pots.    The base went on extremely easy.  It feels strong enough to hold up for a show, yet it was easy enough to remove after I was done trying it out.

4) I then lined up the triangular hole on the clear KickDisk up with the base and gave it a good push.  The connection feels firm.  I struggled to remove disk and the base later.  I mention this more to give you the idea that it is a solid connection.

5) You’re ready to rock.

Street Price: $7, currently the website has a buy one get one free special!

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