Recap On Major Scale Exercises

Posted on December 18, 2010


Hello fellow low enders. I thought it would be nice to pull out and cover again all the extra exercises assigned with each new major scale covered this far. I was afraid these exercises would get lost in the archives. It will be nice to refresh your memory and be able to use them with any future scales, not just major scales either.

This refresher will include scale syllables, intervals, three different fingerings/patterns of the major scale, the scale in 3rds, diatonic triads and playing 2 octaves of the scale.

Major scale syllables:

As Covered in the C major scale lesson.

Major scale intervals:

As Covered in the G major scale lesson.

Three different fingering choices for the major scale:

Can be found in the lesson on the C major scale. 




Major scale in 3rds:

Originally covered in the G major scale exercise.

Diatonic triads:

Can be found in the lesson specifically covering the triads.

Two Octaves of the Major Scale:

Part of last weeks lesson on the E major scale.

Try these approaches with all the scales you know. Put these techniques in your bag of tricks, they are all such useful building blocks. Once you are comfortable with them, it becomes easier to transfer them throughout all the scales.


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