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Interview with Regi "The Teacha" Wooten

January 30, 2011


My motives in doing these interviews is somewhat selfish, I want to touch a bit of greatness, and bring it to you as well. That is exactly what I was able to do in speaking with Mr. Regi Wooten.  An incredibly innovative and talented player as well as thoughtful man. I found the same freedom and inspiration in his thinking as I […]

Rasgueado Guitar Technique

January 24, 2011

0 Rasgueado is a flamenco guitar strumming technique using the back of the right hand fingernails in a similar way that a flatpicking guitarist would use the pick, creating a very Spanish sound. Adding a capo to your guitar creates an authentic sound. Here are the chords we will use in this lesson: Begin with […]

Get To Know Greg Smith Bassist for Ted Nugent

January 23, 2011


Ah my first interview with an artist.  You’d think I’d be nervous. Either I’m over confident or Greg Smith was that accommodating.  Things became much easier when I learned we lived close by.  Now don’t go trying to find Greg’s house just yet.  His current boss is, that’s right, Mr. Ted Nugent.  If you know […]

Stand Up And Shout! iStand by Hercules Review

January 19, 2011


On one of my recent guitar junkie trips to my local music shop the iStand by Hercules caught my eye.  Looked to be a sturdy, portable stand that I could toss in my gig bag to take to the gig.  I contacted the company and they were more than obliged to send one out for […]

Hold On Loosely – Hands, Health and Handmaster Review.

January 17, 2011


What good is spending hours working on speed, melody, timing and firing breathing (Think Gene reads my blog?) techniques if your hands fail you?  On a cold winter day you don’t turn the key in the ol’ Camaro and count on it being warmed up and ready to do a buck nineteen as you cruise […]

Playing and Reading Eighth Note Rhythms

January 8, 2011


A few weeks back, I posted an article on reading music notation in the Bass Clef. I covered basic open strings and rhythms. This week I want to get back to those ideas and expand on rhythms a bit. In my opinion, being able to account for the smallest measurement of rhythm, whether playing or reading, […]

The String Cleaner By Tone Gear

January 5, 2011


The String Cleaner by Tone Gear boasts it’s “The Ultimate String Cleaning Tool”  How can I dispute a claim like that?  After trying it out on a few guitars and basses I will say it is the easiest.  What makes it stand out is it’s ability to clip into place while it wipes my strings […]