The String Cleaner By Tone Gear

Posted on January 5, 2011


The String Cleaner by Tone Gear boasts it’s “The Ultimate String Cleaning Tool”  How can I dispute a claim like that?  After trying it out on a few guitars and basses I will say it is the easiest.  What makes it stand out is it’s ability to clip into place while it wipes my strings down at a full 360 degrees with no messy cleaning solutions whatsoever.  The String Cleaner can easily be tossed in your gig bag or case and is recommended to be used after each use of your instrument.  The whole process takes about half a minute.

Here’s a few pictures of the product in action with some notes.

In the left corner all the way from….. Guitar String Cleaner on the right the Bass version.  I’ll explain why I like the Bass Version best later.

Step 1: Open up the String Cleaner and get the micro-fiber pad under the strings.

Step 2: Gingerly close the String Cleaner.  It locks into place easily.  Honestly, I just wanted to use the word gingerly.

Step 3: Using the handle in center, pull the String Cleaner up and down your fretboard.  I went with about 3 or 4 times up and down.

Now, the reason I love the bass model: It has an additional micro-fiber pad that also cleans your frets while it is cleaning your strings!

Plenty of room for your 4, 5, or 6 string basses.  The width of the pad is just over 3″.


The company suggests cleaning the micro-fiber pads once every 2 months that the product is in use.  To do so, just use warm water and a drop of liquid soap.  Let it air dry completely before use.


Street Price $7-$13

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