Hold On Loosely – Hands, Health and Handmaster Review.

Posted on January 17, 2011


What good is spending hours working on speed, melody, timing and firing breathing (Think Gene reads my blog?) techniques if your hands fail you?  On a cold winter day you don’t turn the key in the ol’ Camaro and count on it being warmed up and ready to do a buck nineteen as you cruise down the highway.

I’m not a doctor, so I do not want to fill this blog with half facts, sort of truths and exercises, I only encourage you to incorporate some sort of stretching/warm up routine in your playing so you can have a long and healthy playing career ahead of you.

Think of your goal not to add muscle mass to your hands, but rather warming them up and keeping them loose.  There are plenty of great books on the subject written by real doctors, not just guys that play them on the internet.

From a player’s perspective what I see most crucial is stretching the fingers, wrists and forearms.  You’d be amazed at what a simple rubber band, tennis ball or glob of Silly Putty can do to get the blood flowing.  Even a few seconds of shaking your wrists will get the ball rolling.

Don’t know what I mean by shaking the wrists?  Here’s a visual;  You are in a public restroom, once you wash your hands the great news hits you, NO PAPER TOWELS.  You give the stupid hand dryer a few seconds of your time before you automatically shake your wrists to get the excess water off of them.

I recently saw a product out there that interested me.  Not only is the Handmaster marketed to musicians, but bowlers, golfers, tennis players as well as people who struggle with arthritis, tendinitis and poor circulation benefit from this product.  Its claim to fame is it will get all 18 muscles in your hand going in no time.

Here are some pictures and notes from when I gave the Handmaster a test drive.

Speaking of “warming up” here is a shot of The Handmaster in the snow.  It comes with two different rubber cords and the squishy workout ball.

The instructions suggest pulling the cord through the center of the ball with a paper clip.

Like so.

Next fit the cord around your fingers in the numbered holes like so.  And now you are ready to rock!

Here is a link to specific exercises suggested from the company http://www.doczac.com/downloads/basic_exercises.pdf

Product Summary:

About a minute on each hand I felt loosened up enough to play.  Since acquiring this I’ve noticed Guitar Center and Sam Ash offer this bad boy through their websites.  The Handmaster is a great tool to get warmed up and ready to play quicker.  Please if not The Handmaster, get some sort of warm up routine in your playing!

Also Note: The model the company sent me was a prototype as they were currently sold out of stock.  Your Handmaster will look a bit more polished.

Web: handmasterplus.com

Street Price: $13-$18

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