Stand Up And Shout! iStand by Hercules Review

Posted on January 19, 2011


On one of my recent guitar junkie trips to my local music shop the iStand by Hercules caught my eye.  Looked to be a sturdy, portable stand that I could toss in my gig bag to take to the gig.  I contacted the company and they were more than obliged to send one out for me to put through the wringer.

Let’s dive right in!

Here it is.  I set it on top of a Fender gig bag to give you a visual of its size.

1. Extend the back legs.  (Directions are printed nicely on the bottom)

2. Open the lid and extend the backrest.

Finally flip the arms up and into position.

Here’s my Strat in action.

And Just For Fun: My 70s BC Rich project I’m working on.

Pros and Cons.

The iStand really shines on a hardwood or tile floor with Fender-style guitars.  It held my Les Paul and P-bass adaquately on hardwood floor, but on carpet the front seemed like it wanted float up.  I tested the electric guitar model, but Hercules also makes a model for acoustics.  The acoustic model features longer arms.  My thoughts are that would allow you to anchor your instrument better.  Even with the minor lift on carpet, I gave the Les Paul and the P-bass some hearty smacks at the headstock.  The stand wobbled and absorbed the shock, not once losing a guitar.  As long as you aren’t doing anything crazy, this stand should work well.  My concerns would be for that drunk guy who makes his way to the stage and assumes you’ll let him sing a Bruce Springsteen song.

Street Price: $35

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