That’s A Wrap! Fretwraps by GruvGear

Posted on February 1, 2011


I remember seeing gunslingers like Victor Wooten and Greg Howe with “this thing” on their fretboards.  No it’s not a capo, wait, I think it moves?  Is that a hair tie?  Correct, yes, and maybe.  Well GruvGear has cleaned all that up for us into one nice product: FretWraps.

What The Heck is a FretWrap?

Don’t make that joke about, “You don’t order it for lunch” A Fretwrap is basically a mute to allow you to go big or go home with your two-handed tapping fretboard techniques and not having to worry about sounding open strings.

Here’s one of my world-famous rundowns:

Product: In PA there is no surface not covered in snow.

FretWraps come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.  I’ve been using the small on all my guitars and basses with no problem.  Not to sound like your mother, but you can’t go wrong with the medium “just in case”  The Large, I don’t see necessary unless you are playing a 6+ string bass.

Attaches by Velcro similar to a some watches.  You can adjust it to however much tension you want.

Here’s it from the back all tightened up.

And there is a front shot of the FretWrap all ready to go.  Note: photographed is the small size.

Well that about …….covers it.  Any questions?  I’d be happy to answer below in the comment box.


Street Price: $22 for a 3-pack.

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