Buh-bye Feedback. Lutehole's Designer Soundhole Cover

Posted on February 6, 2011


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just played a heart-warming folk ballad at a coffee shop, a ripping “Dust In The Wind” cover at a rock club or you’re trying to make a silent end to a church performance; feedback sucks!  There are plenty of products out there that claim to tame the culprit mood wrecker known as feedback, this week I got the Lutehole to put it to the test.

What makes the Luthole stand out is its ornate design that will enhance the “coolness” look of your acoustic guitar by at least 10 points.  Not only does the Lutehole block feedback and dress up your acoustic it also prevents picking scrapes/damage to your soundhole.

What I gather from looking at the catalog is there are 3 standard designs offered in either maple or walnut, but the sky is the limit on the website.  Online at lutehole.com I’m looking at 15 different designs offered in Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Spruce, Koa, Rosewood and Cocobolo.  Standard is the 4″ circular soundhole cover but other shapes are available.

*Update I’m told “the skies the limit!”  If you need a Lutehole a certain shape, size or design, the crew at Lutehole is all ears.

Since I’m your friend, I read the directions for you.  Let’s get started.

1) Set your instrument on a flat surface.  Inside your guitar case is perfect.  You want the instrument to be supported as to not put too much pressure on the top.

2) Line it up so the top is facing and almost touching your fretboard.

3) Set the Lutehole in at an angle, so the back is inside the guitar.  Slowly and gently rock the Lutehole into place.  The foam on the bottom of the Lutehole will grip your soundhole and you should be good to go!  NEVER force it into place, you could ruin a nice guitar.

Once it was in place, I compared the sound of my acoustic with the Lutehole in and out.  I noticed no altering of my guitar’s tone.

Next I ticked off every dog on the block by pulling out my Ampeg BA112, kicked it back like a floor monitor and did a feedback test.  The Lutehole did in fact tame the feedback.  It did not completely eliminate it (no product I’ve tried has), but it slowed it down and cut it out completely in some positions.  Granted I was shameless in setting the acoustic right on the speaker!  The Lutehole helped out big time and definitely gets an A+.  There is an additional black backing that can be used with your Lutehole for additional feedback control.

Here’s the Lutehole on my main gigging acoustic, a Walden D710CE

Web: lutehole.com Check it out for other great stuff like straps and Jamulets
Price: Starting at $39

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