Pop Goes The Weasel! The New V-Cable by Taylor.

Posted on February 12, 2011


The room is quiet, you’re done playing and your sound guy is playing Sudoku on his iPhone while harassing women three or four leagues above him.  You know one thing: if I unplug my guitar it’s going to make a huge pop and everyone in the room is going to hate me.  Especially my Sudoku lovin womanizer of a sound guy!  Taylor guitars has put an end to this and many other battles of playing out live with the new V-Cable.

What Is It?

What is the V-Cable?  It is an instrument cable available in 250k and 500k versions in lengths of 3, 6, 10, 18, 25 and 30 feet that features a volume knob and mute.  The V-Cable is a USA made cable designed by Taylor guitars and made by The Rapco/Horizon company.  I tested out the 250k 18′ version and couldn’t be happier.  The volume control feels strong.  The knob is similar to the volume knob found on a Telecaster or a Precision bass.  The cable is constructed with a 20 gauge all copper center conductor.  Use the volume knob to fine tune your levels, do cool swells, a mute switch or just an upgrade to any application for a standard instrument cable.

250k or 500k?

These are the same measurements used by the volume and tone pots on your instrument.  Generally if you play an instrument with humbuckers I’d suggest the 500k model.  It suggests the 250K model is suitable for “almost any electric instrument”  This includes acoustic guitars, because the pickup makes it an electric instrument.  In my experience with guitar modding; 250k grounds some of your highs (helps keep a single coil instrument’s noise levels down) while a 500k will ground less of your highs allowing you to hear more of your guitar’s natural tone at the risk of some more noise.  These are my thoughts, I’m not an engineer, I’m just a guy on the internet!


The V-cable carries a limited lifetime warranty if registered, if unregistered it only has a 90-day warranty.  The package says it can be registered at http://www.rapcohorizon.com/

Web: rapcohorizon.com/ and http://www.taylorguitars.com/
Street Prices: $35 10′, $40 18′, $45 25′

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