Gramma by Auralex Product Review

Posted on February 20, 2011


This week I checked out the Gramma by Auralex Acoustics. The USA-made product allows you to hear the true tone of your amp by canceling out the connection between your amp and the floor.

What is the Gramma?
Gramma stands for: Gig & Recording Amp & Monitor Modulation Attenuator.  (I see why they went with Gramma!) In a nutshell it is an acoustically treated platform to set your guitar, bass or keyboard amp as well as well as your stage or playback monitors.

Length 23″
Width 15″
Height 2.75″
Product Weight: < 2 lbs.
Handles: 300 lbs.

Why Would I Want It:
-No more tone suck from hollow stages
-Hear a consistent tone and volume from your amp
-Great for recording related isolation
-Cuts back on room/stage noise

What it fits:
Most 1×12 Guitar Combos
Most Single Speaker Bass Combos
Most 1×12 Stage Monitors

Need More Space?
The Great Gramma is perfect for your 2×12, 4×12 and 8×10 speakers cabinets.

How Is It?
Well it does what is says it does.  I spent an afternoon playing a Les Paul into a Fender guitar combo taking the amp on and off the Gramma.  When the Gramma was on I noticed my highs were crisper and my lows were more focused and less boomy.  I tried the same thing with a P-bass into my Ampeg BA112 bass combo.  With the amp on the Gramma, clearer high end, tighter lows and I wasn’t rattling my coffee mug of the end table.  There is also a handy handle on the underside of the Gramma for easy carrying.

Street Price: Gramma $50, Great Gramma $80, Gig Bag $25.

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