Music Nomad: Polishing Your Guitar and Music Career

Posted on February 27, 2011


I first came across Music Nomad while hunting the internet for new products, instantly I was taken back by their website.  It it was one of the most pro-DIY musician sites I have seen.  If you are in a band this website is a must read.  Tips on everything from band management, CD duplication to links for industry contacts.

I also checked out their line of Guitar Care products.  After that nice website plug I gave them above, don’t think I’m going to be a push over with the polish…I reached for the dirtiest/dustiest guitar in my collection; a black Les Paul.  If you’ve ever purchased a black guitar you know how hard it is to clean and then once you have it clean, set a stopwatch and see how fast it will take to get all smudged up with finger prints again!

In my package from Music Nomad was: The Microfiber Guitar Detailing Towel, All Purpose Guitar Detailer, The Guitar One Spray, All Purpose Amp & Case Cleaner and Pro Strength Guitar Polish.

I’ll give you a run down of the products with photos and an explaination of why I used them.

Some basic guitar cleaning tips:

1. Wash your hands
2. Wipe down the instrument with a lint free cloth
3. Shake up whatever spray/polish you plan on using
4. Spray a small amount of cleaner on your cloth and test it on the back of the guitar first.


Smudge City! 


Product Lineup 


I chose the One for the body. It is an all in one polish spray and wax. 


A few sprays onto The Detailing Towel, I wiped it down, then flipped to the dry side of the towel to buff a nice shine. 


I’m a bit ashamed I let my instruments get like this! 


I grabbed the Guitar Detailer since it suggests being great for dust and smudge removal. 


Worked great! I wasn’t able to get it perfect under the strings with the towel, but sure is a big improvement. 



Lastly for the neck I used the Pro Strength Guitar Polish.  It is applied in the same manner as car wax, so I used only a few drops and it shined the neck right up.  The neck gets the most action including the oils from your hand so that is why I chose the Pro Strength.

I checked out the whole line and felt it all did what it said it should.  I understand you may not feel like you need to purchase multiple polishes.  If you were to only pick one up I would suggest The Guitar One spray.  It seemed like a great go to spray that can get your instrument as close to showroom condition as possible.  Also, any drummers out there; Music Nomad offers a Cymbal Cleaner and an all in one Drum Detailer spray.


Price: $7-$11 per cleaner, Detailing Towel goes for $6.

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