Supercharge Your Stratocaster With Graphtech

Posted on March 9, 2011


The saddles on your instrument are a bit of an unsung hero. You don’t really notice them until they cause a problem. Either you begin to break strings at the saddle which usually means you have a bur or sharp indent which catches your string (common on a cheaper import strat copy) or you need to adjust your string height and you can find every allen wrench except the proper sized one.

Graphtech cures both problems with the Supercharger Kit. Their saddles are made of a strong graphite and Teflon which evenly spreads the vibration of the string causing less wear and tear. Does this alter my tone? Yes, metal saddles give off a very bright spike in the high end around 2khz that dominates your sound. Graphtech saddles offer a more balanced tone which will enhance sustain and harmonics.
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