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Supercharge Your Stratocaster With Graphtech

March 9, 2011


The saddles on your instrument are a bit of an unsung hero. You don’t really notice them until they cause a problem. Either you begin to break strings at the saddle which usually means you have a bur or sharp indent which catches your string (common on a cheaper import strat copy) or you need […]

Music Nomad: Polishing Your Guitar and Music Career

February 27, 2011


I first came across Music Nomad while hunting the internet for new products, instantly I was taken back by their website.  It it was one of the most pro-DIY musician sites I have seen.  If you are in a band this website is a must read.  Tips on everything from band management, CD duplication to […]

Gramma by Auralex Product Review

February 20, 2011


This week I checked out the Gramma by Auralex Acoustics. The USA-made product allows you to hear the true tone of your amp by canceling out the connection between your amp and the floor. What is the Gramma? Gramma stands for: Gig & Recording Amp & Monitor Modulation Attenuator.  (I see why they went with […]

Pop Goes The Weasel! The New V-Cable by Taylor.

February 12, 2011


The room is quiet, you’re done playing and your sound guy is playing Sudoku on his iPhone while harassing women three or four leagues above him.  You know one thing: if I unplug my guitar it’s going to make a huge pop and everyone in the room is going to hate me.  Especially my Sudoku […]

Buh-bye Feedback. Lutehole's Designer Soundhole Cover

February 6, 2011


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just played a heart-warming folk ballad at a coffee shop, a ripping “Dust In The Wind” cover at a rock club or you’re trying to make a silent end to a church performance; feedback sucks!  There are plenty of products out there that claim to tame the culprit mood wrecker […]

That’s A Wrap! Fretwraps by GruvGear

February 1, 2011


I remember seeing gunslingers like Victor Wooten and Greg Howe with “this thing” on their fretboards.  No it’s not a capo, wait, I think it moves?  Is that a hair tie?  Correct, yes, and maybe.  Well GruvGear has cleaned all that up for us into one nice product: FretWraps. What The Heck is a FretWrap? […]