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Introduction To Classical Guitar Tremolo

December 21, 2010

0 Tremolo is one of the most popular techniques in classical and flamenco guitar styles. We will begin to study this technique on our two thinnest strings by setting our right hand thumb up over the B string, and our right hand ring, middle and pointer fingers over the high E string. Place your left […]

Recap On Major Scale Exercises

December 18, 2010


Hello fellow low enders. I thought it would be nice to pull out and cover again all the extra exercises assigned with each new major scale covered this far. I was afraid these exercises would get lost in the archives. It will be nice to refresh your memory and be able to use them with any future […]

Fast Axe Guitar Cleaning Tool

December 17, 2010


It wasn’t even a month ago, my friend Tim shows up at the door with the grossest looking Fender Stratocaster I had ever seen.  It was as if someone had played it at Woodstock and stored it in a sweaty locker until he won it on Ebay and brought it over for me to help […]

Getting Airplay

December 17, 2010


You’ve got a great CD and you’d like to hear it on the radio, right? That’s a lot harder to do than just saying – “I’ll give it to the DJ, he’ll love it and play it.” Even if you fit the genre of what the station is spinning to a T, there are a […]

KickDisk Product Review

December 17, 2010


So the rest of your bandmates have named your pedalboard The Millennium Falcon and your looks fall somewhere between Hans Solo and Chewbacca, so if the shoe fits?  But you run into that one problem; mid song you have a solo coming up and want a bit more juice to cut through.  Maybe you are using […]

Introduction To Classical Guitar Right Hand Technique

December 15, 2010

1 Although many techniques in classical, flamenco and other fingerpicking guitar styles employ the right hand ring finger and occasionally the right hand pinky, you may begin studying these techniques using your three strongest right hand digits: your thumb, pointer and middle fingers. Here is example 1: Even if you’ve never played guitar before, you […]

Music Industry Do’s and Don’ts

December 13, 2010


Hmmm … where do I begin? It almost seems silly to post stuff like this, but the fact is – a lot of up and comers are naïve to the realities of this hard and cold industry. Think back to the old saying “Keep It Real” and grab your machete. It’s a jungle out there. […]